PromptMe | Lead User Experience Designer

Developing an application from start (user research) to finish (funded development).

My Role

I am the lead user experience designer for PromptMe, an instructional technology that prompts meaningful conversations between students and instructors regarding assignment sheets. PromptMe is built on data my team and I collected on how students and teachers interact with assignment sheets and was refined through intensive user research, including: focus groups, contextual interviews, linguistic analysis, and use case observations. Although it began as a course project, PromptMe has been selected to receive start-up funding through an entrepreneurship and is currently in development. Once a functional prototype is built, our team will be working to conduct extensive usability tests of PromptMe in writing classrooms at Michigan State University.

Key takeaways

The PromptMe project has given me experience:

  • pitching design ideas to potential funders and securing start-up funding
  • creating functional mockups using Adobe Illustrator
  • conducting user research
  • translating user research into actionable design plans
  • collaborating with a small, diverse team

See More

Play with our interactive mockups for PromptMe:

  1. Teacher views (creating an assignment sheet review)
  2. Student views (evaluating an assignment sheet)
  3. Teacher views (collecting student feedback on assignment sheets)