Professional Writing Program | Focus Groups

Learning from users by listening to their stories.

my role

I was asked by Professional Writing program at Michigan State University to help them learn more about how students select their major and what types of content is useful/persuasive to them in the major selection process. Therefore, I am conducting a series of focus groups with professional writing students where we will talk about how students selected their major and get their reactions to current professional writing promotional materials. Results from this research will be used to improve the program’s branding and recruitment efforts. 

key takeaways

Hosting these focus groups will give me experience:

  • Writing focus group scripts to collect relevant user experience data.
  • Managing a team of user researchers.
  • Presenting the results of focus groups in ways that are useful for program revisions.

see more

Because this project is still in development, deliverables will be made available as they are, well, made. Contact me to get updates on where we're at with this project.