KORA | User Documentation

Providing support for users that is understandable and designed to fit their needs.

my role

I created a series of tutorials on how to use KORA, a content management system for digital museums. These tutorials were based on user research and were written using best practices for technical communication. Previously existing versions of documentation for the program had been written by system experts and the documentation reflected a system-centered approach to organizing and describing key user tasks. In the revised documentation, I adopted a user-centered approach by organizing content in  the order users would encounter tasks and describing processes in the user’s language.

Key takeaways

While working on the KORA documentation project I developed skills in:

  • Talking about domain-specific subjects in users’ language.
  • Working with developers and programmers to understand how a system works and translating their ideas into user-centered terminology.
  • Producing comprehensive documentation that can be broken down into specific modules.