Are We Open? | Persona & Requirements Gathering

Collecting user research so that designs are based on user needs, not just on what looks good.

my role

Are We Open? is a mobile application designed to help foster more transparent and trusted snow day related school opening and closing decisions. As a member of the design team, I took a lead role in creating personas, writing use case scenarios, and developing a list of system requirements based on user data. Through stakeholder interviews and social media analysis, we were able to create and test a low-fidelity prototype. We are currently seeking further research and development opportunities. 

key takeaways

Working with Are We Open? allowed me to develop skills in:

  • Translating user stories into design requirements.
  • Collaborating with other interaction designers.
  • Developing data-driven user personas, use cases, and system requirements.
  • Presenting the results of user research to stakeholders and potential funders.

See more

The official Are We Open? report, which includes the results of our user research and low-fidelity mockup usability testing, is available for download as a PDF below.

Download the PDF copy of our report.