Rebecca Zantjer

Ux researcher / ux designer / web analytics


About me

I currently lead User Experience Research at Owens Corning, a Fortune 500 in the manufacturing sector. I have the daily privilege of helping make sure Owens Corning's digital solutions meet the needs and satisfy the pain points of its customers. I collect the data needed to inform effective decision making and help my company know that we are building the right thing— and building the thing right. 

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what i do

User Experience Research
I design and conduct research studies that allow designers, developers, and stakeholders to see their software from the user's perspective. I use a wide range of research methods— including usability testing, card sorting, tree testing, contextual inquiry, click testing, and A/B testing — to provide a range of data points that shape and refine the product roadmap. My work allows teams to base decisions on reliable data that enhances product value. 

Web Analytics
By developing analytics tracking strategies that provide maximum insight with minimal overhead, I help organizations understand user behavior and the impact of design decisions. My ability to pair qualitative research with quantitative analytics gives me flexibility in research design and the ability to provide more holistic insights into user behavior.

User Experience Design
Using best practices in usability, I help translate functional specifications into working prototypes that provide satisfying experiences for customers. Combining user research with a deep understanding of business needs, I help build digital experiences that accomplish business objectives and deliver deep business value.